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NEWS / 04.15.15

OneTap receives Connected to the Community Award

AppColony is both happy and honoured to receive the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association’s Connected to the Community Award. This award celebrates organizations using wireless technology to improve the lives of Canadians. We would like to thank the CWTA for inviting us to their wonderful event and for recognizing our work with OneTap.

Since launching this past February, OneTap has been downloaded by thousands of Canadians, helping prevent over 50,000 notifications while they drive. That’s over 2.3 million kilometres of distraction-free driving. We’re very proud of how the app has performed and we’re excited for OneTap’s future.

About the Connected to the Community Awards The Connected to the Community Awards are an opportunity for the CWTA to pay tribute to outstanding organizations in Canada’s wireless industry. The program has focused on numerous partnerships with community projects – ranging from organ transplants to emergency access programs – as well as educational and R&D initiatives ranging from mentoring programs to major funding for ground-breaking research by some of Canada’s top researchers.

About the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association is the authority on wireless issues, developments and trends in Canada. It represents wireless service providers as well as companies that develop and produce products and services for the industry, including handset and equipment manufacturers, content and application creators and business-to-business service providers.

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Distracted Driving

A very modern problem.

Distracted Driving Header


Here’s a problem: 80% of the 5 million car accidents in North America each year are caused by at least one of the drivers involved being distracted, yet our favourite piece of modern technology—the smartphone—is explicitly designed to alert, notify and, ultimately, distract. Driving is a task that requires our full attention, but we live in a world that increasingly competes for that attention.

We know distracted driving is dangerous, but we seem helpless to do anything about it.


When we started researching distracted driving, we honestly couldn’t believe how widespread the problem really was. But it makes sense: we all do it. To get a handle on the phenomenon, we commissioned an independent survey through Insights Matter of 1,000 Canadians. These are the results.


of Canadians feel it is extremely important to reduce distracted driving

Distracted Driving is Unacceptable

  • 91% feel it is extremely important to reduce distracted driving
  • 86% feel driving while distracted is socially unacceptable
  • Canadians want this issue to be dealt with, but don’t know who to turn to
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1 in 3

Canadians have been impacted by distracted driving

Distracted Driving Affects Everyone

  • 33% have been impacted by distracted driving
  • 29% admit to at least occasionally using their phone while behind the wheel
  • 36% have been in an accident or close call due to phone distractions
A tech
solution is as
appealing as fines

OneTap Can Help

  • A tech solution is as appealing as fines as a means to reduce distracted driving
  • 86% would likely download and try OneTap as a distracted driving solution
  • The more people learned about OneTap, the more likely they were to download it
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of Canadians believe a company’s reputation will improve if they help reduce distracted driving

Thanks, From Canada

  • Canadians want companies to step forward to lead against distracted driving and are willing to recognize and reward those that do
  • 86% believe a company’s reputation will improve if they help reduce distracted driving
  • 77% believe businesses leading against distracted driving will have competitive advantages


Distracted driving is a very real problem with very real consequences. Canadians are ready for a solution. They are looking to businesses and governments to develop innovative and comprehensive solutions, and they are ready to do their part to help.

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