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NEWS / 04.15.15

OneTap receives Connected to the Community Award

AppColony is both happy and honoured to receive the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association’s Connected to the Community Award. This award celebrates organizations using wireless technology to improve the lives of Canadians. We would like to thank the CWTA for inviting us to their wonderful event and for recognizing our work with OneTap.

Since launching this past February, OneTap has been downloaded by thousands of Canadians, helping prevent over 50,000 notifications while they drive. That’s over 2.3 million kilometres of distraction-free driving. We’re very proud of how the app has performed and we’re excited for OneTap’s future.

About the Connected to the Community Awards The Connected to the Community Awards are an opportunity for the CWTA to pay tribute to outstanding organizations in Canada’s wireless industry. The program has focused on numerous partnerships with community projects – ranging from organ transplants to emergency access programs – as well as educational and R&D initiatives ranging from mentoring programs to major funding for ground-breaking research by some of Canada’s top researchers.

About the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association is the authority on wireless issues, developments and trends in Canada. It represents wireless service providers as well as companies that develop and produce products and services for the industry, including handset and equipment manufacturers, content and application creators and business-to-business service providers.

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A smarter smartphone.

Features Header

OneTap was built to help end distracted driving. It does this by automatically silencing texts and notifications on your phone, and by letting you know when your friends and family are behind the wheel, reducing the number of distractions while they drive.

Driver Mode

Driver Mode

Manual or Automatic

You set the app to driver mode with a single tap, or let your phone detect when you’re driving and enter driver mode automatically.


Set Your Drive Time

Enter your drive time or destination and OneTap will let people know when they can expect you to call them back.

Passenger Mode

If you’re riding shotgun, just tap the “Passenger” button to use your phone as normal and not be listed as “Driving” to your OneTap contacts.

Personal Assistant

Manage Distractions

If someone calls or texts while you’re driving, OneTap for Android blocks the alert and automatically replies with a message letting them know you’ll get in touch when you reach your destination.

Connect with Friends

Connect with Friends and Family

Check and Compare

Add friends and family so you can check their current drive status and compare distracted driving statistics.


Watch the Kids

Connect your OneTap account with your kids’ accounts and rest assured they are driving safe and without distraction, plus keep an eye on their driving location.

Urgent Alerts

OneTap includes One2One Urgent Connect Technology™ so that people can still reach you through a text code or through the app in case of an emergency.

Driver Data

Driver Data

Trip Summary

When you reach your destination and OneTap exits Driver Mode, it gives you a quick summary of your trip, including the distance and time you spent driving without distractions.


Your Driving Habits

OneTap keeps a running total of the distractions it prevents while you drive (stats vary on Android and iPhone). Check in on your stats and know just how safe your driving is.

Safety In Numbers

By using OneTap, your safety statistics are added to our growing user base. As this global movement grows, you can help make a difference by reducing distractions and make the road a safer place to be.

One Tap For Android

OneTap for Android